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I was lucky to be born into a marine family along Lake Pontchartrain in southeast Louisiana. My dad had me working at the marine supply store during my high school and college years. At the same time, I was learning from the best about industrial plastics, plexiglass, lexan, etc.

In 1975, I started a 30 year career with an old friend in the fiberglass industry. Bill Seemann (patent holder on a number of FRP related products and processes such as SCRIMP) was my mentor and he gave me the opportunity to be involved with the construction of thousands of boats built all over the world with C/Flex.

I had the chance to crew on custom racing sailboats, many that I consulted in their construction.  This gave me the chance to sail 3000 miles a year including the SORC and Regatta Al Sol. I am still considered a fiberglass expert and asked to speak on the subject at NAMS conventions as recently as 2008. 

Rick Delaune at the helm.

Captain Rick at the helm.

All these experiences were the perfect segway to starting a career in boat brokering.  I found that I enjoy selling boats already built. I have outfitted them, built them and now I broker them. After working for 4 years with another firm, I started my own brokerage firm in 2009. The Sailing Charters and Lessons was a natural transition to grow the Brokerage aspects of my business. In September of 2013, I received my 100 Ton Master, Captain's License. DYB is now able to show a potential buyer on a paid "Sea Trial" what the "Boating Passion" is all about.

Delaune Yacht Brokerage offers it's customers a wealth of knowledge concerning the purchase, maintenance, and operation of both sail and power vessels. We network with Marine Professionals all over the United States.

If your boating passion is the same as mine, you owe it to yourself to give me a call at 504-458-1013. Lets talk boats!!!  Capt. Rick

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