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We offer clients and sailing students a hands-on opportunity to learn on our 42 foot sailboat "Windward Passage" or on the customers own boat. I think that learning to sail your own boat instead of sailing a small day-sailor is the best way to understand how your boat will react to wind and waves. Most of my clients would like a larger boat than a small day-sailor and while "sailing is sailing" it is much nicer on a larger vessel. Larger boats react slower to wind pressure and are impossible to "turn over".


3 Hours on our boat   $ 300.00
(You can have a crew mate with you since both will be learning to sail together).
3 Hours on your boat   $ 200.00
(And again, your crew mate is welcome to learn to sail "your" boat).

Hands on training with RIck
Sailing lessons for everyone

“Hands On” training with Rick

Note: We will spend time learning to reef and furl the sails to handle heavy weather. We will do this on both our boat and yours. Anchoring will be discussed, as well as knot tying and general navigation. This is not taught in most sailing schools.
So see what other trained sailors have said about these lessons on our testimonial page.

I look forward to sailing with you soon.

Smooth Sailing,
Rick   504-458-1013

Sailing on Lake Pontchartrain

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